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Premium Coffee

【Mandheling Gayo Mountain G1】

Flavor:Herb・Full-bodied/Dark roast
Tonal:Wood Aroma

【Brazil Ipanema】

Flavor:Nutty・Toffee-like sweetness/Cinnamon roast

【Guatemala Huehuetenango】

Flavor:Roasted drupe・Brown sugar background/Medium roast
Tonal:Wood Aroma

【Choice Blended(Dark)】

Flavor:Dark chocolate・Rich sweetness/Dark roast
Tonal:Wood Aroma

【Kenya Small Holders】

Flavor:Dark plum wine・Black currant background/Medium roast

【Yirgacheffe Kochere G1】

Flavor:Lemon, citrus, high sweet taste

【Colombia Huila】

Flavor:Grapefruit・Soft・Sweet/Medium roast

【Mandheling/Brazil Blend】

Flavor:Nutty・Herby・Balanced/High roast
Tonal:Wood Aroma

【Café au lait】

Flavor:Toffee・Honey・Chocolate/High roast
Tonal:Wood Aroma

Products on the website are mainly for Taiwan. Other products will be adjusted based on different countries. For more information, please visit local Louisa Coffee Shops.